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Public Records for Real Estate

There are a variety of sites available to real estate professionals that offer access to public record data. Some States and Counties have additional resources that offer if for free, others charge a fee to access their lists and detailed property information.  

Today I'm sharing how and where to find public record data that can be massaged in order to filter out the most qualified and niche target prospects. This age-old style of prospecting and marketing commonly referred to as "Farming" is a great way to get more exposure to your target and niche prospects.

Public Records Data

Public Record Data and Information Sites 

  • Public Records - Public Records Free Directory Nationwide Directory of Public Record Resources IE: Birth, Death, Divorce Foreclosure.
  • Property Shark - Property Reports for Commercial and Residential Sectors Determine when property was developed, who owns it, its exact characteristics, up-to-date sales history, property value estimates, current zoning, air rights, and more.
  • InfoUsa - Mailing Lists, Sales Leads and Marketing Services Get Data on More Than 24 Million Businesses and 235 Million Consumers
  • Netronline - Public Records Online Directory Portal to official state web sites, and those Tax Assessors' and Recorders' offices  that have developed web sites for the retrieval of available public records over the internet.
  • ReferenceUSA - A Premier Source of Business and Residential information used for Reference and Research. 262 Million Consumers.
  • CoreLogic -  Real Estate Solutions - 99% coverage of all residential transactions in the U.S., considered one of the most comprehensive and accurate real estate repositories available.

A Private and Secured Network and Public Record Database for REALTORS® ONLY

  • NARRPR - REALTOR® Property Resource Hundreds of Datasets on Over 160 Million Properties at Your Fingertips. (ONLY Available for NAR REALTOR® Members)

Another great source for public record property data and demographic information is the local Title and Escrow Companies. Depending on the company you choose to work, and the services they provide will determine what you have available to you locally.

Two title companies you may want to investigate are First American Title and Fidelity National Title. Both have and can provide access to public record data sites that allow real estate professionals internet and mobile access to detailed property information, trends and demographics, even access recorded documents.


First American Title Services First American Title

  • DataTree - DataTree is an advanced resource for property research, homeowner information and mortgage insights.
  • MyFirstAm - Your secured Internet access to residential real estate property information including mobile app access.
  • FASTWeb - First American's flexible electronic ordering and delivery system.



Fidelity Passport Fidelity National Title

  • Passport Pro 247 - Fidelity Title's Internet Passport Customer Service. A secure and password protected portal that allows real estate professional access to a nationwide source of public record data, information and reports.

Contact your local Title or Escrow Company and reach out to their sales representative. Ask them to tell you more about their services and the products they offer? Then get connected to the "DATA" that matters most in real estate... and that's people and homes.

Now, just figure out who your most-valued target market and audience would be? Next, use any of the sources listed in this article to begin building your business with the most important things in your database... and that's your new and existing clients!

We talked about this in a workshop this week, you're welcome to preview the archived recording.

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Public Records for Real Estate
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