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Best in Class - Mobile REALTOR® Tools

NAR provides some very useful and free tools that help Real Estate Agents be more successful. By arming agents with the information clients and prospects really want. they end up with an agent they really need.

This blog post will impact any agent looking for ways to provide value to any consumer, anywhere in the United States. Having access to a tool and service like this may change your real estate game in 2020.

I've have had the extreme pleasure of working with Real Estate Agents and Brokers over the past 35+ years. I've learned and understand that it takes contacts and appointments with consumers and prospects to close transactions.

If you are looking to increase your contacts and appointments, I'd look into this free NAR tool. There's no catch or sales gimic here, this is a free member service.

National Association of REALTORS - RPRAs a certified trainer for NAR's Realtor's Property Resource, I've been able to help hundreds of our agents grow their business by providing valuable property information to anyone, in any home, anywhere in the United States. Using this free NAR membership tool can help open more doors and opportunities with those who want and need your services.

5 Top Reasons Agents Will Use This Tool:

1. Pull up any home, anywhere, anytime, and for anyone and be anywhere on the planet to do so.

2. Accessing more than 350+ contributing resources on any home is valuable and priceless to agents and consumers.

3. Target marketing potential buyers, sellers, renters etc in any city at anytime gives agents an unfair advantage.

4. Access more than 170,000,000 properties at anytime and for any reason right from your mobile device.

5. Add ANY personal marketing pieces to CMA's, property reports, school and neighborhood reports etc.

Scenario: Imagine driving down the road and the passenger in your car asks about a house you've just driven by? You pull over and within seconds you're able to send your client a 50 page full seller or property report. Right then and there. Contained inside that report, more details and information than they could ever imagine about that specific property.

If you ask me why I think this tool is mandatory in your toolbox, these are just a few reasons I'd like to share. 

NAR FREE Tool - Members ONLY Access to 170,000,000+ US Properties
Pull Data from 350+ Contributing Data Sources  Utilize Farming and Prospecting Tools
Create and Print Targeted Mailing Labels   Use the CSV Export Format for Marketing
Share Real Estate Market Reports and Stats Provide Neighborhood and School Reports
Determine Geographic Opportunity Zones Maximize Marketing Potential in ANY Area
Research ANY Area for Stats and Activity Provide Property Reports, Markets, CMA's etc.

Farming and Prospecting on RPR 

Look into this if you're an NAR member.

There's nothing to buy or sell here. I have no purpose of sharing this other than I want agents to have powerful tools that will benefit them and their consumers and prospects. I think this single mobile app and tool is "BEST IN CLASS" if you're wanting to have the access to all US properties with tons of information consumers want and need.

Do you need a tool and reason to make that specific consumer contact today? This would be my first suggestion for you. 
Happy to answer any questions and even demonstrate how powerful this tool can be in your real estate arsenal. 



"Learn More. Get More. Do More. Be More."

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Best in Class - Mobile REALTOR® Tools
NAR provides some very useful and free tools that help Real Estate Agents be more successful. By arming agents with the information clients and prospects really want. they end up with an agent they really need. This blog post will impact any agent… more
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