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What Is A Cloud Brokerage

I remember writing one of my first blog posts here on ActiveRain. I was excited because I was 100% certain I had found one of the newest and coolest cutting edge technologies that would truly impact the real estate industry in a variety of ways, and I was going to be the first to report and blog about it on AR.

Well that blog post did come to fruition, as did the technology which advanced that corporation to where they are today, but let me back up for just a moment. When you think of the cloud, what are your initial and immediate thoughts? Did you just look out the window? lol~

My first thoughts are that your email and text messages are in the cloud, your voicemail is in the cloud, your documents and hard-drive backups are in the cloud, your finances and friends on Facebook and Twitter are in the cloud, even this post you're reading is hosted in the ActiveRain Cloud! Seems like the only thing NOT in the cloud is you and I, which may just be my most profound statement of the day.

So what is the cloud really? 

The cloud in general is partly what allows us to be mobile and connected, it is not just for storage and backing up documents and data. The cloud is considered by many simply as "The Internet" which isn't necessarily all encompassing either.

Go ahead and Google "What Is The Cloud" and you'll come up with a plethora of interpretations.

Mashable says...

Cloud.Google says...

So then, what is a Cloud Brokerage?

Where is it, how does it work, how do you get there, what are the benefits, how does it affect business, how does it affect family and the quality of life, how can it save time and expand financial growth, what is its impact on earth and why should anyone care about the cloud, its purpose and future anyway? 

These are all great questions. I'd like to invite you to a discussion (a Google Hangout Webinar) where Jason Gesing and myself will discuss in great detail exactly what a cloud brokerage is and how it's impacting and changing real estate today but more importantly... the possible impact on your future.

Join us either Tuesday or Thursday

*If you are unable to attend or join us at the times posted, there will be a recorded option available.





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What Is A Cloud Brokerage
I remember writing one of my first blog posts here on ActiveRain. I was excited because I was 100% certain I had found one of the newest and coolest cutting edge technologies that would truly impact the real estate industry in a variety of ways, and… more
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