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How To Create Video Email Responses to Leads

How do you create automatic video email responses to leads?

Bombbomb now allows agents to respond instantly to Zillow contacts, prospects and leads with a video email response. Zillow's Tech Connect feature allow agents to connect with a variety of Zillow Partners and their contact relationship management platforms (CRM's) and programs.

Zillow Tech Connect Partners

Using video as one of your response strategies to first-time leads and contacts creates a very powerful first impression and has a huge impact on your prospects. Why? Because everyone else responds with email, phone calls and text messages etc.

Ethan from Bombbomb Explains Details

"Our Zillow integration allows you to immediately and automatically follow up with new potential home buyers and sellers in a way that differentiates you from other agents."

Show Me the Money - Here's a Great Example

Val Bentien with the Innovative Real Estate Group in Denver was one of the first to setup an automatic video email response specifically designed for this purpose.

How to Setup Your Bombbomb Account With Your Zillow Contacts and Leads

In this 2-minute video below, you'll see how fast and simple it is to setup your Bombbomb account using the provided API key. This allows you to automatically pull your leads over and respond instantly to your Zillow contacts with a personalized video email message response.

What Defines You and Makes You Unique?

One way to differentiate yourself from other agents who respond to online leads is to use an instant and automatic personal video email response. Now you can. Watch for more exciting announcements and options using Zillow's Tech Connect program.


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