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Widgets: How to Add Them to Your Blog

 How do you add "Widgets" to your Active Rain Blog?  You can only add them to either your profile page, your posts, or in the right side column on your main Blog page.  These instructions are to add a Widget to your Blog under your photo, the same as you see on mine.

The first step is to select a "Widget" that you'd like to add to your blog.  All Widgets will require you to use the HTML code provided by that Widget, and then paste it into Active Rain.  If you would like to see some samples of the Widgets I have previously used, you can click here .  All these Widgets are FREE.  You just need to register with them to get the HTML codes.

***WARNING:  Be careful using too many Widgets, they can cause your Blog to load slower on older computers "Blogging them down", therefore, causing readers and members to not come back and view your posts.  Too many Widgets can do more harm than good.  See: "Widgets can be hazardous to YOU and your readers!"  DETAILS>>>

To add a Widget, I am going to use the TopBlogArea widget as a sample:  It looks like:     Real Estate blogs     This is a just a little Widget that is used to track your Blog, and see what position you are in on the web.  It's also known as a chicklet.



Go to the Widget Website TopBlogArea to sign up, register, and get the HTML code:
(open the link in a new window so you can still read these steps)

a. Click on "Register an Account" 

b.Add your information about you and your Blog

c.Complete other information IE: Blog Category, Blog Name, Blog URL, Blog Description etc.

*NOTE:(Your URL is ) Your RSS Feed will be the same.

d. Click on "Get HTML Code" It will look something like below:

Top Real Estate blogs

e. Highlight and select ALL the HTML code with your mouse, and then press  CTRL + C to copy.

Now you're ready to paste into your Active Rain Blog!



Now that you have copied the HTML code, you need to paste it into the proper place on Active Rain.

a. Click on "My Profile" in Active Rain (that means your profile, not mine) LOL!

b. Next, Click on "My Settings"

c. Now paste the HTML code by using the CTRL + V on your keyboard in the "Blog Description" box just below the
Blog Title box as shown below:



Now click on "My Blog" to review your Widget.  It should be on the right hand column, just under your photo.

THAT's IT! You're Done!   ~  Now you can use this same process to add "ANY" Widget to your Active Rain Blog. 

Here are some others "Widgets" and links you may be interested in:

For Hundreds of Widgets, GO TO WidgetWorld or WidgetBox.  See  Missy Caulk's  post: "Why I Love These Little Guys"


*TIP:  You can adjust the sizes of your Widgets and graphics in the HTML code.  Height="350" and Width="500" can always be changed to any size you like.  Just change the number between the quotations "   ".  Be careful of the LARGE Widgets, they'll run your photo and Blog right off the screen. I use around "150" max width to be safe.

*TIP II:  If you want your Widgets to be centered, you'll need to use an HTML code

at the beginning and
at the end of your HTML code.  This will center ONLY the widget, and NOT everything else, like your links, your tags, or anything else above or below your widget. 

See the sample HTML below...

Top Real Estate blogs

You can also use Widgets on your profile page.
  If you do use Widgets, be selective.  They can be fun, cute and even entertaining, but they can also be distracting, annoying and irritating.  Always use moderation and good judgement.  Change them around and update them often.  There are some great Widgets out there and I am sure that with Apple leading the Widget and Gizmo way, there will soon be many more to choose from.  Good luck, and good Widgets! 

This post is for Seth Callen, a new member on Active Rain who specifically requested this.
Paying it forward, "Active Rain Style!"


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