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The Google Algorithm Penquin Attack

"But I thought "Penquins" were suppose to be cute, fuzzy, warm, and harmless animals?" 

Google has changed some of their algorithms for SEO and SERP results.   It's a new algorithm update being referred to as Penguin.  When did all this happen?  Was your site hit?  Has your page(s) gone down in the search engine results?  Has this Penguin been spotted on ActiveRain and some of your blog posts?  If so, you'd want to know about it right?

How can you tell if you were a victim of Google’s Penguin and what can you or should you do if you were?  This is an interesting topic and will definitely leave you with a better understanding of how Google is now ranking and indexing websites and pages and how the Penguin plays into it all.

Does keyword density really matter?  Do meta-tags, titles, and back links really even make a difference anymore?  What if you don’t use keywords, links, SEO techniques, or any other technical traditions of the SEO underworld, will you still show up in Google? How are you suppose to keep up with all this SEO technobabble stuff and changes?

If you’re like me, then you’ll want to know...

Google is getting much smarter, much better, and much more efficient at finding ways and implementing tools and programs that keep the SEO Gods trying and guessing. My advice is to forget all that “gaming & black hat SEO stuff” and just focus on providing your readers, clients, and subscribers with great value-added and useful content.

Google Penguin Explanation Video if you’re interested, and How to Protect Your Site.

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