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ActiveRain Success Stories and Testimonials

  There are so many success stories and testimonials that come from members of ActiveRain, it's awesome to read some of what happens to people from being on this network.  Not just business stories, or lead generation, I'm talking about real life changing experiences.  Real people and real lives being affected and even changed by their contributions and efforts here on AR.

  Two of my personal greatest success stories (and I have many) are 1.) the fact that this community and members helped me through a very tough time in my life transitioning from one industry, to being a full time employee here on ActiveRain, and 2.) my brother finding me on ActiveRain after 40 years of being separated.  I was only five years old the last time I saw him.

  These stories and testimonials from our members are so powerful, touching, and life changing, that we are now going to be featuring them in the "ActiveRain Success Stories" link located on the main ActiveRain page.  Do you have a success story to share?  Whether it's personal, business related, or just about an ActiveRain success, WE WANT TO SHARE YOUR TESTIMONIALS and SUCCESS STORIES TOO!  How has ActiveRain or the members here affected you, your family, your business, your community, or your life?

Here's How You Can Share Your ActiveRain Testimonial

Go to your ActiveRain Profile and click on the "edit" option.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see the "NEW" area we've added just for you and your story.  What you enter here will not appear on your profile, it will ONLY appear on the landing page with all of the other AR Success Stories HERE! 

  You can also access this landing page from the main ActiveRain HOME page. 

  Please keep these few items in mind when adding your ActiveRain Success Story or Testimonial:

  • You'll receive 500 points for creating and contributing a testimonial or success story.
  • The success story is about success achieved because of, or on ActiveRain - not just life successes.
  • Having your Success Story on this landing page will be significant for your SEO results.
  • Please DO NOT use this area for self-promotion or advertising, if so, it will be removed.
  • Your testimonial must be at least 20 words or more to qualify for the 500 Bonus points.

  See what others have added as their success story or testimonial.  ActiveRain Success Stories.

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ActiveRain Success Stories and Testimonials
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