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ActiveRain at Real Estate Connect 2008

There's a buzz in the Blogosphere about the Inman Real Estate Connect in San Francisco this year.
Have you heard? It's Coming pretty quick. Last year, it was a total blast, and this year promises to be even better. It's going to be at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco again, on July 23-25th, 2008.

I just wanted to remind everyone how cool it was last year, and how much bigger and better it will be this year. It's one thing to meet people from all over the Country online, but then meeting them in person is the REAL DEAL! It was so cool getting to learn about Blogging, Industry tools and technologies, Real Estate challenges and solutions, but the best part for me was meeting and getting to know ALL the people. Too Much Fun!!

This year, ActiveRain staff and many of our members will be there once again. Hundreds of Industry professionals will travel from all over the Country to take part in "The Connect" this year. The "Bloggers Connect" is one of my favorites. Last year we had a special guest visitor, the #1 ActiveRain Member, "Sharon Simms" who traveled all the way from Florida to be a part of the Real Estate Connect 2007. She has almost 400,000 points! OMG!! And she's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet!

For me personally, it was one of the best events of the entire year. The information, the guest panel of speakers, and the education provided about Blogging was priceless. I also finally got to meet many other AR members in person! It was so awesome. Just a few I remember were Jeff Turner, Teresa Boardman, Brad Inman, Jeff Dowler, Laurie Manny, Mary Pope Handy, Gena Riede, Roberta Murphy, Dustin Luther, Jim Cronin, Brian Brady, Lynda Eisenmann, Marlene Bridges and there were many others. This was where I got to meet Jon and Matt for the very first time. The who's who of Real Estate Bloggers were there in force for sure!

Brad Inman and his staff do a fantastic job coordinating the program. They have special guest speakers, an Internet Marketing Workshop, The Bloggers connect, an Exhibit Hall, and so much more. Here are the schedule details. You can Download them to Ical or Outlook. You can also register here if you like.

You might still want to get the "Early Bird" discount that was offered previously. It's the "Special Bloggers Discount", plus you'll get to participate in some of the Blogging fun!! It's easy, just add a Badge to your Blog, create a post before the event, and then one after the event, and save 150 Bucks. No contest, everyone wins. That's like getting paid to Blog?? DETAILS>>> Your posts should be about the event, here's mine! :-)

If you are planning on attending this year, we'd like to know. I'm trying to arrange some type of ActiveRain Gathering during the program this year (TBA). Let me know if you're coming so we can get an idea of how many to expect. This will be a FUN and COOL event that you Won't want to miss. (I wasn't in Vegas, so I can't compare the two if you ask!) Big Grin!! :-O

We will be there and we hope to see you there too. It's a great opportunity to get RE-Connected with us, other ActiveRain members, and hundreds of other Bloggers and Real Estate Industry Professionals from all over the Country. So come work and play in "The City By The Bay!" It only happens here once a year!!

My Picture Video From Last Year's RE Connect



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ActiveRain at Real Estate Connect 2008
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