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The iPhone and Real Estate

Did you know Apple sold 1,000,000 iPhones the first weekend they came out?  This is the $64,000 question. "Do I need an iPhone for Real Estate?" Now I could be bias and say yes just because I own one, but I'll be neutral and just explain why I think you should investigate. There are many of us in the industry who have been looking for and waiting for a phone that does it all.  Is the iPhone it?  I had written this post over a year ago when the iPhone was announced.

So how do you pick the right tool, with the right carrier, and at the right price with minimal amounts of stress and anxiety? You Don't, it's not possible, but this information might shed some light on how specifically the iPhone might be helpful in your Real Estate Business and the Industry.

  These are some of the features I really like about iPhone:


Don't buy one just "BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE HAS ONE!" but of course if you did, you'd be able to talk to everyone else for FREE. Hmmm....

You can even create your own iPhone Web Applications.

Social networking:  I like and use these apps and tools for connecting with others remotely:


Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google Talk. WordPress, Typepad, LinkedIN, Google, Instant Messenger, Skype and Ebay.  All FREE applications you can download, then access on the iPhone when you travel.

Entertainment and Pleasure:  These "NEW" tech tools for iPhone are simply
incredible  awesome:


Pandora, Jott, Simplify, PayPal, AOL Radio, YellAir, Showtimes, Remote, Shazam, YouNote, Labyrinth, Puluwai.  All of these can be found at the iTunes store or on-line at the Apple iPhone Store.

Trulia just announced their new application for iPhone, a tool that can "Search For Homes" and look-up "Open Houses".  There are literally thousands of FREE applications coming out daily for the iPhone.  Is this the 21st Century, WEB 2.0 tool we've all been looking and waiting for?

If you own an iPhone already, you can call me FREE - 24/7/365, and any other iPhone users that you may know.  This could be one of the greatest social media and networking tools in the industry in that it allows us to connect with others across the country on multiple platforms.  Phone, email, text, audio, video etc.  It could also save us thousands in phone bills.  A National Share Plan, of course this will only last as long as AT&T has the iPhone Service Plan exclusively. 

  I phone, do you?

TOP PHONES for Real Estate, What's Your Vote?



"Learn More. Get More. Do More. Be More."

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The iPhone and Real Estate
Did you know Apple sold 1, 000, 000 iPhones the first weekend they came out? This is the $64, 000 question. "Do I need an iPhone for Real Estate? " Now I could be bias and say yes just because I own one, but I'll be neutral and just explain… more
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