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Top 50 Google Tools for Business

The Top 50 Google Tools for Business

Edited & Updated on 4/21/2012:
This post was written nearly 2 years ago and while Google has shut down a few of the products below, they have also launched some even more exciting and useful FREE tools and services for you and your Business.


This compilation is for all of you out there who use Google for searching and SEO, but may not be aware of all the other tools and services that Google has to offer for your business.  My inbox used to get so many questions about many of the links and tools below, it seemed like a good idea to bring them all into a single location for your review and use. 

I know you'll find some of this information helpful or useful to you and your Business.

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  1. Google Alerts – Get email notifications from any keyword or phrases used on the web.
  2. Google Buzz - Start and share conversations about the things you find interesting.
  3. Google Blog Search – A sophisticated way of searching the web specifically for Blogs.
  4. Google Books – Google has a ground-breaking agreement with authors and publishers.
  5. Google Business - All of Google's On-line Business solutions for small and large Business.
  6. Google Checkout – Find it online, purchase it with Google’s Checkout tool.
  7. Google Chrome – The fastest and cleanest Web Browser for PC’s and MAC’s.
  8. Google Custom Search – Create your own custom search engine for your Website/Blog.
  9. Google Desktop – Take control of PC or MAC Desktops, find anything faster and easier.
  10. Google Dictionary – Don’t knock it till you try it, watch out Webster.
  11. Google Directory – The Web organized by Topic and placed into Categories.
  12. Google Earth – Explore and share the World in 3D. Add your photos and Videos.
  13. Google Finance – Track and Edit your Portfolio, Charts, and Graphs.
  14. Google 411 – Dial Directory Services and Information from any phone for FREE.
  15. Google Health – Organize all your medical records and store them on-line.
  16. Google Images – The Ultimate Image search on the Internet.
  17. Google Maps – The best way to map out directions and share with others.
  18. Google News – All the news you’ll ever need and find in one location.
  19. Google Patents – Every US Patent is search-able with the full text.
  20. Google Product Search – Find any product in one location instead of searching sites.
  21. Google Scholar – Looking for a specific paper or Scholarly articles, find them fast.
  22. Google Toolbar – Allows you to add search, share, and contribute to your fav browser.
  23. Google Trends – For those who want to know details about search engine trends.
  24. Google Videos – Used for searching only Video and Vlogs on the Internet.
  25. Google Web Search – Still the #1 search engine tool with the #1 advanced features.
  26. Google Web Search Features – The best search tool for movies, music, books, etc.
  27. Google Code – This is a developer tools, used for APIs and other resources.
  28. Google Labs – One of the best Online Tech Playgrounds on the Web.
  29. Google Blogger – Create your own Blogspot Blog, it’s easy and free.
  30. Google Calendar – Setup and use a Global Calender that you can share with others.
  31. Google Docs – Create spreadsheets, presentations, documents, and more.
  32. Google Groups - Use Groups to connect with others and share ideas and discussions.
  33. Google Knol – Write a Knol and Share what you know with others. Learn too.
  34. Google Mail – Google mail has so many great features for email, and it’s FREE.
  35. Google’s Orkut – It’s a Google Social Network, stay connected with others.
  36. Google Picasa – Upload and store, find, and share your photos and images.
  37. Google Picnik - The newest online Photo and Graphics editing addition to Google.
  38. Google Reader – Delivers everything you want to know from the web back to you.
  39. Google Sites – Create your own websites and group wikis for private or public use.
  40. Google SketchUp – Allows you to Design, Build, and Create 3D models and images.
  41. Google Talk -  Talk to friends, send IM’s, communicate with others via computer.
  42. Google Translate – Helps you and visitors to view any site in any language.
  43. Google’s YouTube – The second most searched site in the World.
  44. Google Mobile – Take Google on the Road, & don’t leave home without your phone.
  45. Google Maps for mobile – Just as good as GPS, view maps, directions, get un-lost.
  46. Google Search for mobile – Search the web from your phone anytime from anyplace.
  47. Google Pack – Get the entire Google Pack for your PC or MAC.
  48. Google Voice – The best way to manage phones and services FREE. (invite only)
  49. Google Wave – The future of email and real time collaboration. (invite only)
  50. Google Wonder Wheel - A Wonderful Wheel of relavant search terms.
Take a few minutes to explore what some of these great tools can do for you and your business, then make sure you keep an eye on Google in the future, their development team creates and produces new products at the speed of light.
Did I miss any?  Do tell!  What is YOUR favorite NEW Google Tool or Product?

Stay on top of everything Google is DoingGOOGLE

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