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reBlogging is back!

Reblogging is one of the best compliments you can give another blogger on ActiveRain.  This applies to any blogging platform for that matter.  What many do not realize is that a reblog is a one way link back to your post giving you (the author) some of the most powerful SEO there is IMHO. 

I am very happy and excited that ActiveRain has repaired this powerful feature.  Now the quest is to go create some awesome content on your own blog that others won't be able to pass up reblogging... 

...just like this post here.  :-)

We are happy to announce the return of reBlogging!

We have been working hard to get this feature fixed over the last few weeks. After hearing from many of you recently about how much you loved the feature and how much it was missed, we doubled our efforts to get the last few kinks worked out with reBlogging. Our members feedback is vastly important in making decisions about the community.

A little background on what went into the decision to pull reBlogging down initially.

Let me take a moment to share with you one of our priorities. In fact, it's our first priority as it relates to our features on the site. Our first priority is making sure that your content is able to be displayed to consumers who are visiting the site. A super close second would be making sure that search engines are able to crawl and index pages on the site, since the majority of the traffic to ActiveRain comes from the search engines and ensuring that pages display in a timely manner has some bearing on how search engines will rank your site.

A few months ago when the site was experiencing slow downs, and we were forced to pull back the reBlogging feature, it was done to make sure we could deliver on our first priority, having your content available to be read by potential clients. We know that many of your love the reBlog feature and it was not a decision we took lightly. But in any case, where we find that one of our features may be causing interference with our number one priority, we will take action to ensure your content is reaching consumers.

In every imaginable case, if it's a decision between one of the features of the site, and the ability for consumers to read your posts, we are going make sure consumers can read your posts, at the expense of the feature.

Our development staff was able to get it all fixed up, so we no longer have to choose, which is great! So thank you for your patience, and.....reBlog away!



"Learn More. Get More. Do More. Be More."

Comment balloon 16 commentsBrad Andersohn • March 28 2011 02:27PM
reBlogging is back!
Reblogging is one of the best compliments you can give another blogger on ActiveRain. This applies to any blogging platform for that matter. What many do not realize is that a reblog is a one way link back to your post giving you (the… more
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