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Co-Branding - A Marketing and Advertising Opportunity

Cow-Branding?  NO. Not Cow Branding! haha~  What is the benefit of Co-Branding?  Well, depending on the site, this could be one of the best opportunities for marketing and advertising your services and or business!?  You already know that millions of people visit YELP to read reviews about local restaurants in your area, so as a restaurant owner, wouldn't you love to have a banner show up on every single page with a link back to you?  How about on a site like Craigslist, Amazon, or even ActiveRain?  Any additional exposure (marketing and advertising) on these sites would be awesome right?  Most sites won't co-brand unless you pay for it.

Imagine the possibilities of Co-Branding with sites that yield major traffic and offer services to the same types of clients and prospects you're wanting to get in front of and connect with?  If your picture, name, phone number and link back to your blog or website could appear at the top of every page of that site, how powerful would that marketing and advertising campaign be for you and your business?  I'm guessing that anyone in their right mind would most certainly take advantage of that opportunity.

What I'm about to show you will change the way you see and use co-branding.  If I sold fishing poles for a living, I would want to appear at the top of every page at  Lets say I sold custom colored maps for a living, I'd want to be co-branded on every page of But what if I provide loans, or sell and help buyers find homes?  Maybe I focus on Foreclosures or have a passion for short sales, then I'd want to be co-branded on the sites that attract those types of visitors too right?

The cost of this type of marketing and advertising would probably seem too far out of reach or not affordable to most folks, but let me show you a little secret and tip.  Once you see this, you'd have to be crazy not to jump on an idea like this.  Seriously, this is as good as it gets when it comes to co-branding and marketing your business and services to a specific and target audience.

There's no installs, no widgets, no apps needed, no cost, no hassle, it's easy to setup, and this will co-brand you on one of the Largest Real Estate Networks and sites on the web. With over 19.4 million unique users last month, who wouldn't want to be co-branded there? 

By simply creating a link using the HTML that I'm about to show you to any image or any anchor text, all this co-branding can be yours and for FREE!  HERE'S THE SECRET!... If you use this HTML coding in your links #{scrnnm=bradandersohn} but use YOUR Zillow User Name instead of mine, your co-brand will appear on every page of  So the entire link would look like this:{scrnnm=bradandersohn} 

Here's a sample link of Co-Branding.  By adding #{scrnnm=YourUserName} to any Zillow URL, you can Co-brand links to keywords or to images and photos.  Creating strategic links in your email signature, your website or blog sidebar, in the signature settings or profile on ActiveRain, even anchor text within a blog post would work exceptionally well. 

If you know how to create links to text or images, then the rest will be simple.  Here's another co-branding link to mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.  (I used this URL{scrnnm=bradandersohn} to co-brand the Zillow mobile page to me)  Here's a co-brand on a Listing you might like to buy? A Gorgeous 32 Million $$$ SF Mansion and all I did was add #{scrnnm=bradanderson} to the end of the URL that leads to that property.  Guys, this is HUGE!!! 

Any page or URL can now have a link and co-brand back to you.  I'm certain there are hundreds of ways you could use this in your business, especially when you and your clients already interact with our site.  Show me any other company that allows you to do this for FREE and I'll buy you lunch at the restaurant of your choice the next time I'm in your area.  Seriously this is almost too good to be true.

Here's some images with co-branded links attached to them.  Try each one and see how they work:


So the secret again is...  Use #{scrnnm=YourZillowUserNameHere} at the end of any URL or page on Zillow and be co-branded just like that and for FREE.  Of course you'll need to have a profile setup on our site for all of this to work, but most of you already do so this will be a piece of cake. This will add more value to your targeted prospects and also make sure that YOU are getting the exposure and the business! Try it, this is by far one of the greatest co-branding and best marketing and advertising opportunities for you and your business.

Don't just take his word for it, I'm telling ya... this is no bull~  I'd moooove on it.



"Learn More. Get More. Do More. Be More."

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Co-Branding - A Marketing and Advertising Opportunity
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