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Celebrating 5 Years on ActiveRain

Looking back over the past 5 years, I am amazed at how much time I spent making puddles and splashing here on ActiveRain.  I have seen so many changes, watched hundreds of people come and go, and even had the pleasure and opportunity to work here as the community manager for three and a half years. 

Oh, some of the stories I could tell...  haha~

The way we do business has definitely changed.  There's been a huge shift in the way people connect and get information now online.  Technology has advanced us into a new world with exciting opportunity, and the globe has become a much smaller and accessible place thanks to social media and communities like ActiveRain.

ActiveRain taught me many things over 5 years.  I learned that blogging really does work if you have a strategy and the ability to implement an effective plan.  I learned that the culture here is really all about people, not just business.  I discovered my voice here in the rain, my passions, my purpose, and my desire to help others be successful all right here on AR.

Being surrounded by so many really cool people and supporters never hurts either.

Paying it forward is something you'll learn here.  Giving is rewarding, but only when you have no expectations for something in return.  Sharing with others unconditionally is when you will really begin to receive, and in abundance I might add.  Building a blog with great content is just temporary fulfillment, the relationships you build here will last forever.  

In the past 5 years, I have made thousands of friends on ActiveRain, had the pleasure of traveling around the Country with the previous management team Jon Washburn, Bob Stewart, and other staff members. I also found my new home at Zillow partly due to the time and efforts spent here in the rain.  Both family's have stood behind me with great patience, support, love, and encouragement.  It's been one of life's greatest adventures and career journeys for me.

What I leave behind, what I value most, and what I hope comes from all this ... is that my efforts here will continue to help others learn, grow, understand, and pursue their greatest dreams and passions.  I hope that by searching in the rain for information, technology, tips, and tools, that somehow people will not only find what they're looking for, but also find themselves, and find others in the process.

I know people will read these posts for years to come, but I hope they'll take the time to connect with others online in ways they could never have imagined.  Ahhh, to experience that human connection, that digital handshake, then the IRL (in real life) hug or handshake that takes place when finally meeting another member for the very first time.  It's so awesome!

There's really nothing like it and there's no other place quite like ActiveRain. 

This T-Shirt has been from San Fran to NYC and nearly every state in between.

It's been an incredible 5 years for me here on ActiveRain.  I look forward to what the next 5 will deliver and I do it with no expectations.  My passion and goal is to continue researching and delivering faster, better, easier, and more efficient ways to help you and others get the job done more efficiently and effectively.  (Both on-line and off)

Behind, I leave you with 5 years of content on my blog.  You'll find everything from personal challenges, real experiences and how to overcome them, to some moments of great celebration. I've posted every tutorial and how-to I can possibly think of here, I hope they'll continue to help reduce some of that learning curve, inspire and motivate your creativity, and help readers continue to prosper. 

There is a lot of love, passion, and transparency that has gone into my work here in this community. 
I hope this will be apparent and come through in my Blog. Thank you for a great ride and journey ActiveRain.

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Celebrating 5 Years on ActiveRain
Looking back over the past 5 years I am amazed at how much time I spent making puddles and splashing here on ActiveRain. I have seen so many changes, watched hundreds of people come and go, and even had the pleasure and opportunity to work here… more
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