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ActiveRain's NEW RainMaker Membership Plan

ACTIVERAIN - The NEW "RainMaker" Membership Plan

EDITED 7/10/2009 

Click Here - for the most recent and up to date information regarding RainMaker memberships

We are implementing some changes in our membership structure on ActiveRain for NEW MEMBERS.  We believe the NEW membership plan will be beneficial to both our existing members and to our "New" members joining the Community.  We want ALL NEW MEMBERS to reap the same benefits and rewards that existing members have created and experienced in the past.  The time has come for us to make a change.

Since 2006, ActiveRain has been hosting members Blogs for FREE.  Many AR members have contributed fantastic content, and as a result has driven visitor traffic and SEO over the top.  (Over 2,000,000 visits monthly)  These members, along with our team, have worked hard and long to achieve these results.  It's been a wonderful partnership and the rewards and success stories are simply amazing.

ActiveRain has hit a certain level of maturity and any new members signing up are in a position to receive tremendous benefits and value by doing so.  Our founding members have had to invest much more time and effort when they signed up and got started here.  The amount of consumers visiting the site is dramatically higher and the potential to learn, interact and share are all exponentially greater than they were two years ago.  ActiveRain has become a very powerful network and useful resource to the Real Estate Industry.

The Network has clearly reached a point where participation here provides an undeniable tangible value to our members in the form of on-line marketing, networking, and as an educational forum.  There really is no other Network or Community that compares to ours.

The ActiveRain New Membership Structure and Plan:

  • Members who have already setup accounts and have existing Blogs on ActiveRain will continue to benefit from their FREE access to the community and network. (nothing changes for current AR members with Blogs)
  • A "Basic" ActiveRain account will still be available to new members for FREE, however these new accounts will be limited to "Members Only" postings.  This means that any new members will still be able to benefit from the networking aspects of ActiveRain for FREE, but will not be able to tap in to ActiveRain's huge consumer reach unless they sign up for the "New Membership Plan."
  • The New ActiveRain Membership (For New Members ONLY) will cost $39.00 per month, and will include an Outside ActiveBlog along with a unique domain name that allows them the ability to post content that will be visible to both consumers and search engines. 
  • Any member accounts that were created before February 16th, 2009, but have NOT yet produced at least a single Blog post will continue to have access to the network and all the tools that they've utitlized up to this point.  If those members wish to activate their account so their Blog posts will be viewable to consumers and search engines, they'll be required to sign up for the New Membership Plan at $29 per month. 

All New and Existing ActiveRain Members will also receive:

  • Listing Router "Wholesale" pricing, with clicks being delivered to the highest bidder on an auction basis.  All members will have the opportunity to pay the same price as bulk wholesale buyers.  This represents a 70% per bid price reduction.
  • The NEW Rainmaker Badge: If you currently utilize any AR product (Listing Router Campaign, Outside Blogs, Sponsored Localism Communities etc.)  the new RainMaker VIP Badge will appear when leaving comments and wherever the member profile picture is currently displayed.
  • ALL Outside Blogs will now have the ability to add multiple users/authors.  The pricing will only be $19 per month for existing AR members going forward. (This includes Individual and Group Blogs)
  • Premium technical support will continue for paying members.  Non paying members will only have access to email based support.  These changes will be rolled out over the next few weeks and will be automatically applied to member accounts.
  • Weekly ActiveRain Webinars and On-line Training will also be made available to ALL ActiveRain Members.

All current members will be given ActiveRain Founder Accounts.  You have gotten us to this point and your contributions have been the fuel to mature the network.  Again, nothing changes for our existing Active AR members.

This new membership plan goes into effect at 5am PST on Monday, February 16th, 2009.  Feel free to contact any of the ActiveRain staff or team if you have any questions or concerns.  We are looking forward to the continued growth and success of our network and YOUR business here on ActiveRain. Thank you for your continued support, your contributions, and your allegiance.

Sign Up Here - AR RainMaker Membership



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