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What's The Best Part of Your Job?

What's The Best Part of My Job?

The best part of my job is that I get to travel around the country, and learn about all the latest and greatest stuff out there from some of the best minds and practitioners in the industry.  A portion of my time is spent researching and getting to talk to a variety of brokers and agents all over America.  I get to explore a ton of different real estate technologies and sites which most don't have time or resources to investigate themselves. 

Then I get to report back to you all the information I find out there.  Let's face it, I'm your very own personal tattle-talehaha~  It really IS the best part of my job!

Top sites and locations you'll find me in 2011 include:

1. @ActiveRain - I'll be contributing over 150 new Blog posts on AR this year.

2. @Zillow - Sharing discussions, advice, answering questions, training and support.

3. @Twitter - 365 Daily #Ztips for your personal growth and business success.

4. @Facebook - You won't get anything out of me (for your business) on Facebook. lol~

5. @Youtube - Adding 24+ new videos on a variety of topics and interviews.

6. @Flickr - Photo trail to share of "life and travel" as seen through an iPhone.

7. @BradsDomain - Gathering place for anything that goes and everything that stays.

In addition, I'll be traveling and participating at numerous Real Estate events around the country.  ActiveRain RainCamps and RainStorms, Inman Connects, Agent Reboots, REBar Camps and other real estate shows.  It's hard work, but it's also a lot of fun. 

Lastly, I get the privilege of providing online training at over 100 classes this year.  The purpose and goal of these are to bring you simple, easy to understand tools and services that are practical, realistic, and effective.  Includes classes you've requested

It's important to keep reviewing and learning to implement some of the new tech tools and sites out there for your business.  But how do you do this in a manner that allows you to continue with your existing daily real estate business functions?  In todays crazy online movement, it's all about time management and resources.  This can be a huge challenge and dilema for some if not most.  My goal is to be a resource that helps you get the latest and greatest information without the inconveniences, burdens, or costs.

No Travel, No Costs, No Hotels, No Planes, No Gas, Taxi's or Parking etc!

Making it Simple:  1. Turn on a Computer.  2. Connect to the Internet  3. Click on Zillow Academy

Here's a few of the "Free" classes you can attend anytime from anywhere in the country:

"Real Estate Video" - How to use Real Estate Video and Youtube for Marketing "Helpketing" viewers.

"Widgets & Gadgets" - Everything you need to know about Widgets including selection and installation.

"Zillow Insider"Once a month, meet the folks behind the scenes and get the "inside" story.

"Premier Agent 101, 201, and 301" - Intro, Next Steps, and Advanced classes for Premier Agents.

"TnT" - Tips-n-Tricks. Secrets from "special guests" around the country.  BEST Tried-n-True techniques.

"Ratings and Reviews" - Your past clients are your best references, learn how to maximize reviews.

"Blogging Success" - How to create the best content and Blog posts for consumers and SEO.

"Contact Management" - Key ingredients to Internet presence and success.  Learn the four BIG "C's"

"A-Z RealToolz" - 10 powerful tools available on the Zillow Network. 

"Social Media Diet" - Join experts from the Social Media realm that dispel myths and expose truths.

"Zillow Says..." How to handle ALL contacts and requests that come from or the Web. 

"Get WordpressED" - An introductory webinar showing how to create and utilize Wordpress from scratch.

"Open Forum" -  Ask questions, get answers, share ideas and advice, learn and grow.

Here's a list of classes for February. They'll be available every week, all week long.

If you missed any class, or it's not on the list...

I'm excited about the journey
around the country this year, and can't wait to share my research and findings.  It really is the best part of my job.  As a resource and support person in the industry, I hope you'll continue to utilize some of the tools and sites I'll be taking time to research and share.  My focus is to be a useful resource and provide valuable support to you and your business this year. 

Truthfully, I'd like to be the best part of your job!




"Learn More. Get More. Do More. Be More."

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