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Real Estate and Mortgage Widgets

Real Estate and Mortgage Widgets

OK, I've struck GOLD!  Yep, Pay Dirt!  Anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about Widgets, Gadgets, and Watchamacallits.  It's true, I'm somewhat OBSESSED!!  I actually think I was the very first member to ever break ActiveRain with all my Blog sidebar widgets, at least that's what TLW would have you think.  lol~ 

I really did crash my blog on ActiveRain with widgets....

One thing I have learned for sure is that widgets, as fun as they may be, MUST bring value to your readers, especially at the risk of slowing down or even locking up your Blog or website.  When the providers of these widgets have problems or issues with their sites, you'll also have issues with yours.  I've recently discovered while settling into my new position here at Zillow that this is not the case with these Real Estate and Mortgage Widgets

The big question is which widgets are best for you, your blog, your websites, your readers and potential clients?  Well that choice is yours and believe me, you have quite a choice and many options available.  Real Estate, Mortgage, Maps, Loans, Polls etc. there's tons and they'll add value to your site and help generate new traffic plus keep existing readers coming back.

These are just a few I've found worth mentioning.  They're really for those of you interested in adding a little spice and additional value for your readers and potential or existing clients.  I'll be doing some training classes later this month showing you how to setup, select, and install or customize some of these Real Estate and Mortgage Widgets for your Blogs and websites.

When you add a Zillow Widget to your site or Blog sidebar, you'll also get Co-Branding which translates to FREE advertising for you.  It's nice to be able to provide you with some extra tools that should bring you some additional traffic to your business, your sites, and add some value to your online readers, subscribers, clients, and potential future customers. 

A Zwidget today keeps the competitors away!! (not sure that's true but at least it rhymes)
I Love this particular widget below and the fact that it's inter-active on your Blog post or page:

Psssst....You Could Be Home Here...

In the days ahead, I'll also be sharing the value of an API, what it is, what it means to you, and what you could or should be doing to turn your Blog or site into a mini Real Estate Portal.  Offering fresh relevant and provocative Real Estate content to keep your visitors and traffic coming back is one of the "KEY Secrets" to your online success.



"Learn More. Get More. Do More. Be More."

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