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Remove Your Broken Zillow Widgets

Last week I received an email notification from ActiveRain that I was "tagged" in a comment on a blog post. It was my friend "Helpful Hannah" and today I received another from Praful Thacker.

Unfortunatey, I can't read or see the post because they both have installed Zillow Contact or other Zillow Widgets that no longer exist.  What happens? I click on the link and it results in me ending up at (and anyone who clicks on your blog post or article) to this page below. 


Here's a live demonstration of what I just experienced, your prospects and clients might be as well?


As you can see in the Zillow Widget page below, they no longer have 80% of the widgets previously. Even the widgets in the featured image of this post no longer exist. In fact, the only two that are left appear to be "reviews" and a "search" widget. So go remove your broken Zillow widgets now!


Many of us have used the "contact" widget, the "how many boxes" widget, the "home value" widget etc. but if not removed from your AR Blogs, outside blogs and websites etc. you could be losing a ton of potential contacts, prospects, leads and clients. So today, remove your broken Zillow widgets.

Many people won't take the time out of their day to even tell you that your site is broken like I am right now. Most users who experience this will just close the window, leave and probably never return.

How do I fix it? 

A. On ActiveRain, you'll need to go into your settings and just remove any code or HTML provided by Zillow for the specific widget you may have installed. You may also need to contact ActiveRain support for help if unable to get to it yourself. 

B. Wordpress users, just go into your dashboard and select the "widgets" option under the "appearance" tab then drag and drop the Zillow widget(s) into the unused section or simply click the delete link that appears within the widget box.

C. On your website's you can simply remove the HTML code from any pages with Zillow widgets. If you have a webmaster or tech person that manages your site, send them this post.

In 2011, I wrote this piece explaining the value and importance of these Top 5 Contact Widgets which did include the customizable Zillow widget which they now no longer offer.

Since it's crashing some of your AR blogs and wordpress sites, I wanted to make this attempt to help fix this if it's happening to you here in the rain or out on your other websites and blogs. I feel better now knowing that I've brought it to your attention so you can get some much needed R&R. (repair & replace)




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