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REALTOR® Safety - The Beverly Carter Story

"Your safety in real estate is non-negotiable" was the title of a session we did yesterday with Carl Carter, son of Beverly Carter who was abducted and murdered during what seemed like a routine interaction with a potential all cash buyer. 

Carl's live-stream feed from the cloud to the industry yesterday was more than just a very powerful, moving presentation and very touching story, it was a REALTOR® safety testimony that only someone with his background and experience could deliver.

His life, story and presentation are an impactful combination of harrowing details involving his mother's story while providing practical industry anecdotes and takeaways for active agents worldwide. Let's face it, we are surrounded by good people as much as we are some very bad people. 

Angela Sams, an agent in Edgewater, Maryland once beat a man with a broom stick and chased him all the way to the end of the street. She broke the broom and had to buy the client a new one.

Here's a recording of the session if you're interested. If nothing else, I hope this creates a greater awareness that having a plan, a strategy, an accountability group or anything that can keep us safer is critical. Safety is the last thing many agents think about when they go out to help a client.

Carl Carter's mission and passion are to take his mother's experience and use it as an inspiration to help make positive changes in agents' business safety and to help save lives. Here's where you can make a significant difference in the world by sharing this information with others you care about and love.

Some of the takeaways included the lessons learned from Beverly Carter's Story.  The power of discovering efficient processes and finding safer practices. Examining our personal marketing for mixed messages. Establishing better and more efficient safety partnerships & accountability.

The National Associations of REALTORS® honored Beverly Carter in this article, 'Beverly Carter, You Left a Legacy' read more...  Inman News also shared a resourceful article about agents using apps and wearable tech to stay safe. read more...

One useful resource to check out is Search maps or by reports. Just knowing your market and what homes are for sale isn't enough anymore. There are a plethora of apps, tools and methods available which can keep us all be safer, I'd even suggest taking a self-defense course.


NAR published 56 Safety Tips for REALTORS
which has some awesome tips, definitely worth a view.  

Please share this with every active agent you know, both men and women because no one is exempt and your safety and health are truly Non-Negotiable.




"Learn More. Get More. Do More. Be More."

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REALTOR® Safety - The Beverly Carter Story
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